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BWe Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions written from multiple perspectives (student, instructor, program administrator, researcher) and situated in diverse contexts, e.g., online courses, traditional four-year colleges, community colleges, career colleges, adult-oriented degree programs, worker education courses, prison classrooms, and GED or high school equivalency courses. Prospective authors are encouraged to explore the influences of identity, socioeconomic status, and life experience as well as institutional realities and cultural influences on teaching and learning. We particularly seek submissions that blend research and theory with teaching practice and learner experience. All submissions should contribute to the field of basic writing.

Prospective authors may submit traditional print essays, multimodal compositions, or webtexts.

General questions about submissions may be addressed to BWe Editor Barbara Gleason at 

Prospective guest editors of special thematic issues may contact Barbara Gleason at to discuss ideas and present written proposals.

Prospective book review authors may contact Barbara Gleason or Lynn Reid at

Two anonymous readers will evaluate each submission and make a recommendation regarding publication. Prospective authors will be contacted about eight to ten weeks after submission

For research involving human subjects, prospective BWe authors should consult with their Institutional Review Board administrators regarding needed approvals and possible waivers. Submissions that focus on the study of people (e.g., specific students, student writing samples, and teachers) must be accompanied by documentation of an IRB approval or an IRB waiver.

Technical Guidelines for Submissions:

1. Submissions should be sent electronically to

2. A cover letter accompanying each submission should include an author's name, email contact, work phone and address.

3. Manuscripts and webtexts  should not include authors' names or contact information.

4. MLA guidelines should be used for formatting and documentation (MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed.).

5. Authors whose submissions include references to individual students or samples of student writing should consult with their college Institutional Review Boards regarding the possibility of needed approvals or waivers. Authors are responsible for collecting and saving permissions from students whose writing appears in a BWe submission.

6. Acceptable submission forms: MS Word or other word processing formats, webtexts, and texts that include embedded multimedia elements. Images may be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. Videos must be submitted as files, not as links to external sites (e.g., YouTube).

7. Links to external sites may appear only as in-text references or citations in a works cited list. Web-based examples used to illustrate key ideas or arguments should be included in the text as embedded images, screen captures, video files, etc. Multimedia content hosted at an external site should be submitted as a file that can be hosted on the BWe server.

8. All multimedia content should be either the author's original work or work that is available for use under a Creative Commons license.

9. Submissions should be uniformly accessible in current versions of multiple browsers (e.g., Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome).